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All Hair brought from EsBeautieshair is pure virgin Hair and we recommend that Hair is kept and maintained to its best for longevity. 

Recommendation of washing your Hair every 2 weeks is what will keep its shine, bounce and health. Remember just as you love your own hair EsBeautieshair requires love & care.


Shampoo recommendation:

Tresemme Shampoo or Renewing Argan oil of Morocco Shampoo

Conditioner recommendation:

Tresemme Conditioner & Renewing Argan oil of Morocco Conditioner

EsBeauties only recommends putting Hair Serum on all EsBeauties Hair:

John Freda Frizz-Ease

(Just one to two pumps to be applied all over hair, roots - ends)

Please be advised all hair under customised colouring would eventually need retouching

2017 EsBeauties
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